Reimagining Borderless Connectivity

With over 40Tbps+ Global Network Backbone, deploy servers in 172 locations in all 6 habitable continents seamlessly.

Going Global has never been this easy!

Meet Cenmax DsOP, the new destination for all your server needs.

You might have heard of Cenmax as one of the best Web hosting and Cloud computing providers on your favourite media and newspapers before - but what is Cenmax DsOP?

Cenmax DsOP is a specialised platform for ordering Dedicated Cloud instances and Baremetal servers from over 172 locations where Cenmax operates in just a click of a button. This means, you will be able to go global and reach your audience no matter where they are located with lowest possible latency using our Edge infrastructure now faster than ever before.

While we have provided and continue to provide Edge services to over 600+ enterprises before the launch of this platform, Cenmax's DsOP platform is designed to make deployment and management process simple for both enterprise clients as well as individuals who wish to go Global. The operations are completely decluttered, streamlined and simplified with advanced inventory management systems that run behind the screens all day long, providing you with a one-of-its-kind accurate and reliable Cloud experience.

Meet the Ultra-Reliable and Lightning-Fast infrastructre you always wanted

40Tbps+ Global Connectivity

Cenmax is directly connected to almost all TIER 1 ISP operators, not only across USA, EU or India, but across the globe. With dedicated circuits and power-backed network lines spanning across the globe, Cenmax's servers can reach your audience in record times effortlessly.

Consistent Innovation

Cenmax have won many awards from and across the Globe for the highest-caliber of service we offer. But we don't stop it here - for we continue thinking out of the box to make our network ridiculously faster. And that's why we have remained the #1 choice of provider for nearly over 5500+ clients.


Our data centers adhere to rigorous international standards and regulations, ensuring your data's security, integrity, and availability. You can easily meet compliance requirements such as HIPAA, PCI and other such laws using our servers, as they are crafted with care for best security.

99.99% Uptime

Majority of our datacenters are connected to vital supplies such as power and network through the "mission:critical line". The same kind of connection that local police stations, hospitals and fire houses get, ensuring unparalleled uptime, always.

Lowest Latency

Speed is paramount in today's market more than ever. Our Dedicated servers boast one of the world's finest and sophisticated network connectivity, ensuring that your application can reach your target audience in record times than ever before.

Unwavering Reliability

Beyond mere uptime, our commitment is to consistent excellence. With robust infrastructure, vigilant monitoring, and expert oversight, we provide reliable, peak performance to support your business that is always online.


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Brace Yourself! A Very Veryyy Large List of Datacenters Approaching

Ah yes, It is quite a list!

But the best part with Cenmax is, you can deploy your Dedicated Server or Cloud instance in just a matter of click in all these locations. And we're continuously adding more datacenters in emerging markets almost every month!